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The communication cable is essentially a cable used to transmit information using currents of various frequencies. The communication cable differs from power cables in that the power cables are designed for high voltages and high currents; communication cables are designed for low voltage and low currents. Communication cables are typically used for data transmission, electronic circuits, Ethernet connections, and networking. Telephone and Switchboard cable is an advanced communication cable designed for improved voice transmission, clarity and eliminating interference. It is most suitable for indoor connection of telephone, intercom and EPABX systems. In addition, the use of high purity and uniform diameter (low resistance) electrolytic grade copper conductor eliminates sound loss and thus provides clear clarity.

There are many and varied applications for the communication cable. These include:

  • Computers
  • Networking
  • Sound
  • Ethernet
  • Industry
  • Data transmission

VBV / VBV-K Communication Cable 500 mt Copy

PriceFrom ₺664.00
VAT Included |
  • Conductive Mono Copper Conductor
    Insulation PVC

    Two insulated conductors are twisted together.

    Consisting Pairs by bending in layers

    creates floors.

    Cable core wrapped in Polyester foil

    Separator Tape PES Tape (after 10 pairs)
    Sheath Color RAL 7032 Gray

  • Conductor Resistance 97.8 Ω / km: (20 C Max) 0.50 Min
    Operating voltage 250 V
    Test Voltage 1200 V
    Insulation Resistance 500 MΩ * km (20 C Max)
    Capacity 120 nF / km
    Capacity Imbalance 400 pF / 500 mt (Max)
    Operating temperature -30 ......... + 80 C
    Bend Radius 10 * Cable Diameter
    Corrosive Gas Test IEC-60754-2
    Halogen Acid Gas Test IEC-60754-1
    Smoke Density Test IEC -61034-2
    Flame Test TS EN 50265

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