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In closed environments where people are concentrated, in assembly and production lines, in power stations, measuring  It is used in machine production for monitoring and control purposes, where there is no high mechanical stress.

NYSLY 1.50 Control Cable 500 mt

PriceFrom ₺4,064.00
VAT Included |
  • Conductive stranded stranded copper
    Insulation PVC/HFFR (50290-2)
    Insulation Color

    Black insulator, White number coded,

    earth core yellow/green

    twist Cores twisted into folds with proper pitch
    Outer Sheath PVC/HFFR (50290-2)
    Outer Sheath Color RAL 7001 Gray


  • Conductor Resistance (20 C Max) 0.50 min: 39.0  Ω/km
    Operating voltage 300/500V
    Test Voltage 2000V
    Insulation Resistance (20 C Max)  20 MΩ*km
    Operating temperature -30 C.............+70C
    Bending Radius 10*Cable Diameter
    Flame Test TS EN 50265
    Corrosive Gas Test IEC 60754-2
    Halogen Acid Gas Test IEC 60754-1
    Smoke Density Test IEC 61034-2


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