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These cables provide high performance in the audio band with their flexible and multi-wire core structures.
shows. It is used in rigid, flush-mounted, surface-mounted, fixed facilities, panel installations, inside pipes and closed dry places, places with low mechanical stress and kitchen appliances.

NVY Flat Cord Cable 2 * 1,5 500 mt

PriceFrom ₺883.00
1 Meter
VAT Included |
  • Conductive Stranded, stranded copper conductor
    Insulator PVC
    Outer Sheath PVC
    Outer Sheath Color Red Coded (Black, White, Transparent)
    Weight 64.9 kg / km

  • Section 2 * 1.5
    Test Voltage (AC V) 2500 V

    Conductor Resistance

    (20 C Max ohm / km)


    Insulation Resistance

    (Min +70 C Min ohm / km)


    Current Carrying Capacity

    (Approximately 30 C in air)


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