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Where there is electromagnetic interference and interference

In instrument and control engineering

In industrial electronics

In computers and office machines

In indoor communication systems

In indoor sound systems

In security systems

JE H (ST) H FE 180/120 2 * 2 * 0,80 + 0,40 Fire Resistant Alarm Cable 500 mt

VAT Included |
  • Conductive Mono Copper Conductor
    Insulator Special fire-resistant halogen-free material

    Two cores are twisted into a pair.

    The pairs are twisted in layers with fixed steps.

    Insulator Colors VDE 0815
    Separator Tape PES Tape
    Protective Tape Glass Fiber Tape
    Screen AL-PES tape with ground wire
    Cover HFFR, HM2
    Sheath Color RAL 3000 Red or RAL 2003 Orange

  • Current Discontinuity to the System DIN 4102-12; E30-E90
    Conductor Resistance

    0.80 mm: 36.6 Ω / km

    1.00 mm: 18.0 Ω / km

    Insulation Resistance Min 200 MΩ / km
    Effective Capacity Max 120 nF / km
    Operating voltage Max 300 V
    Test Voltage

    500 V - 2000 V

    Operating temperature -30 C ........... + 80 C
    Bend Radius 12 * Cable Diameter
    Flame Retardant Test IEC 60332-1-2
    Smoke Density Test IEC 61034-2

    Corrosive Gas Test

    Insulation Continuity Test

    IEC 60754-1-2

    IEC 60331

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