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CCTV, Closed Circuit Television means a video surveillance system for monitoring private or public spaces. These cables are specially designed to transmit the full video frequency with minimal distortion or attenuation for security and surveillance. Good quality for the successful installation of a security camera system. security camera cable is very important. The use of cheap cables for a security camera system is common, waste of time and money. To avoid the extra expense of reworking a cable for your camera system setup, be sure to purchase a cable from a reliable supplier like Boltzing.

Dual RG6 / U6 4 * 0,50 mm2 Camera Cable 500 mt

PriceFrom ₺3,235.00
VAT Included |
  • İletken (Coaxial) Elektrolitik Bakır
    İletken (Coaxial) kesiti 1,02 mm2
    Coaxial Yalıtkan kesiti

    4,57 mm Ø Fiziksel

    Köpüklü  Polietilen


    AL-PES Folyo

    %100 Kapama


    AL Tel Örgü

    %70 Kapama

    Kırmızı ,Siyah Damarlar 

    İç İletken kesiti

    0.75 mm2

    Kırmızı ,Siyah Damarlar 

    İç İletkeni

    Bükülü Elektrolitik Bakır

    Kırmızı ,Siyah Damarlar

    Yalıtkan Özelliği

    HFFR / PVC / PE
    Dış Kılıf Özelliği HFFR (50290-2) / PVC / PE
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