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About us

Who we are, what we do, what we offer you

This is us:

Boltzing ; It is a manufacturer of high quality and safe cables for a wide range of applications such as renewable energy, automation, mechanical engineering, medical technology, construction and communications. With all our company employees, we have been operating our modest and modern cable factory in our Silivri center for 32 years since 1989. We serve markets and customers all over the world and therefore we have been one of the major cable manufacturers for over 32 years.

This is what we do:

In addition to our standard products, we also produce special cables designed for customers.

  • Coaxial cables

  • Control cables

  • Data communication cables

  • Fire alarm cables

  • Flame resistant cables

  • Camera cables

  • Telephone Cables

  • Energy Cables

  • Project-specific customized cables

We offer you:

Thanks to our know-how and extensive market knowledge, we can develop and manufacture our cable solutions exactly for your specific application. From planning and prototyping to function and load tests in our own test lab, we support you from the very beginning, according to your wishes.

Industry expertise for many application areas

Our special cables and cable systems are successfully used in the following areas:

  • Medical technology

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Industrial automation

  • Robotics

  • Measurement and control engineering science

  • Special applications

Our Mission

As Boltzing, we have been producing special cables and cable systems for more than 32 years, guided by our motto as the safest cable manufacturer. Our company philosophy, the foundation and goal of all our business relations are based on high-level security and trust.

Environmental protection and sustainable production

The protection of the environment, the safety and health of people and the protection of natural resources are top priorities for Boltzing.

Maximum customer advantage with need-based cable solutions

As a renowned cable manufacturer, development and systems partner, we develop and manufacture "highly customized solutions" in close cooperation with our customers. While these applications include special cables and cable systems, we create maximum cost advantage with our global supply power, along with avoiding over-engineering with our cost-as-needed perspective.

We provide personalized quality, safe, long-lasting special cables.

The high quality and reliability of our cable solutions is undoubtedly the most important issue for us. Thanks to the long life cycles of our products, we offer important advantages to our customers. This approach results in lower costs in the long run in terms of general costs.

Customer satisfaction has the highest priority

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Our highly motivated and well-trained employees successfully overcome this challenge every day.

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our vision

We want to be the most innovative cable manufacturer in the world.

Innovation is the key word in all our activities. Our vision is to invent, design and manufacture cables for the needs of the future. We work closely with our customers to customize solutions and find the right cable for the right application, packaging or system.

We want to be the most environmentally friendly cord manufacturer in the world.

In addition, we are innovative in our work for a sustainable world. We endeavor to generate more green electricity than we consume through cable production investments in solar energy, wind energy and water power.

We want to be known as a brand that produces the safest cables in the world .

The bond you share with loved ones is priceless. Our loved ones are the only constant in our lives and have the power to shape our future in this fast-paced world. Therefore, protecting our loved ones should be our priority. While producing Boltzing Cables, it understands your need to protect your loved ones who enlighten your life. We do not compromise the safety of any product you buy from us. In our journey of more than 32 years, we have strengthened our bond with you because preserving your desire for a carefree life is our priority.

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Our Values

Our corporate principles and values ​​determine the way we do business for our company activities and end products, and the way we want to be perceived by our customers.

  • Quality: Our primary goal is to create quality both in our final products and services. It should always be present in procurement, processes, procedures and management.

  • Excellence: Our entire team is managed with perfection throughout their daily actions to achieve the best end products and services. There is always excellence in our relationships with our customers, business partners and suppliers.

  • Innovation: It is very important to be innovative for customer satisfaction with project-specific product design. Innovation has always been our main principle in the formation of our products and market positioning;

  • Respect: We are committed to a safe, productive work environment where everyone is given respect and professional values. We encourage fair treatment and equal opportunities for all our professional team, customers, business partners, suppliers and competitors.

  • Honesty: is the foundation of our reputation; Integrity, fair and transparent actions are always included in the behavior of all members of our company and extend to our customers, business partners and suppliers.

  • Teamwork: By supporting this value, we aim to ensure that all our team members achieve full integration and commitment to each other's projects and the Company's strategic lines.

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Our Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility at Boltzing is about taking responsibility for people, society and the environment. We will do the right things and we will do things right. Accuracy means that for Boltzing, we must conduct our duties in a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible manner.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Electric energy to replace fossil energy with renewable, emission-free energy; application to industry, transportation and daily life and making electrical energy usable in every field. is necessary. Through our activities, Turkey and our neighboring countries to increase the share of renewable energy and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also do this by taking environmental and social conditions into account in our daily work. We implement climate measures in our own business and manage climate risk responsibly. In our daily work, we are faced with global challenges as well as climate change. Biodiversity loss, social dumping and unethical business activities also reinforce our social responsibility work.

We have divided our most important areas in the field of social responsibility into the following areas:

  • Health and safety

  • Decent working conditions

  • Comprehensive environmental responsibility

  • Greenhouse gas reduction and climate adaptation

  • Business ethics and anti-corruption

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